improve thinking skill

Do you have some ideals to improve thinking skills? There are three types of thinking: operation, knowledge and dispositions. We must relate to content and environment when we start to think. Thinking base on knowledge. After. We should have an attitude on our thinking and learning process. To clearance for ambiguity respect for evidence and willingness to search for more evidences. And then, we must use operations (metacognitive & cognitive) to our thinking process. It’s complex process that we should have confidence to overcome it!!!


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my opinion

I like thinking, but i haven’t any resolution. so, don’t follow me! i hope that my thinking can give some ideas. in fact, i just waste time~.  if i do somethink when i thinking all the time. may be i can get somethink. well, i know just “if”. it’s contrary -to-fact sentence that i must change its order.

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Hello ! my frinend~ my blog talk about “thinking skill”. how to improve thinking skill in our learning and teaching process. may be it’s difficult to us, we should thinking more and more, better and better ~~

certainly, don’t just think all the time.

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9 Feb. 08   thinking

Thinking skills and strategies, on the other hand, are very specific operations we deliberately perform on or with data in order to accomplish our thinking goals—operations like identifying a problem, finding unstated assumptions, or assessing the strength of an argument.

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metacognition thinking skill

7 Feb. 08

Metacognition can be described as an overall general strategy or plan for thinking that employs very specific procedures or skills to carry out that plan. It consist three major operations: planning, monitoring /directing and assessing a thinking task. Metacognition is also linked closely to the dispositions, knowledge, and cognitive operations that constitute thinking. The effort and attention that generate thinking are applied essentially through metacognitive operations.

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cognitive thinking skills

5 Feb. 08

Cognitive thinking skills” 1) thinking strategies including: problem solving, decision making, conceptualizing. 2) Micro—thinking skills. There are two types: basic information processing operations and reasoning operations. 3) Critical thinking. It is essentially evaluative in nature. It involves precise, persistent, and objective analysis of any claim, source, or belief to judge its accuracy, validity, or worth. 4) Creative thinking, like critical thinking is distinguished by a number of unique dispositions. But, creative thinking is divergent, seeks to generate something new, and is carried on often by violating accepted principles

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Thinking skill

3 Feb. 08 

As a teacher or student, we must have thinking skills in our learning process. On first impression, thinking seems to be rather amorphous. But a deeper and more conscious understanding of thinking is necessary to teach it to others. Hannah Arendt once wrote,” the quest for meaning”. Thinking is mental manipulation of sensory input and recalled perceptions to formulate thoughts, reason about, or judge. Thinking involves and serves a multitude of functions. It is a complex phenomenon, indeed. Thinking environment have four types: operation, knowledge, dispositions, purpose. Effective thinking involves a willingness, indeed a desire, to engage in thinking, a determination to stay at it until the goal has been achieved, and an awareness—almost a faith—that, by skillful use of one’s mind, one can achieve the established goal.

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